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WMF Fundraising 2017-18 - Netherlands banners (10 Apr - 8 May)
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Country: NL
Languages: en, nl
Payment methods: iDEAL, Credit card (Ingenico), PayPal

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Pcoombe created this task.Mar 7 2018, 5:20 PM

Daily complaints are coming in with people seeing the banner again after donating (probably with IDEAL).

Hi @Sjoerddebruin. After people donate, they are taken to the Thank You page, which sets cookies so they will not see banners again for a long time.

The number of hits on that page roughly matches the number of donations we're getting per day, so it appears people are reaching it okay. I checked the page and the cookies still appear to get set correctly, and in our CentralNotice monitoring we are seeing plenty of hits at status 2.9 which means the banner was hidden because someone previously donated.

Of course it is possible that if someone clears their cookies, or visits on a different browser/device, they will see the banners again. You can advise them to simply close it, or visit the Thank You page again to hide them for longer.

Thank you for checking. Most people don't seem to be able to find the close button of the banner, and I agree that it's quite hidden.

Common pattern in the last few days is people also saying that they didn't receive some confirmation e-mail while receiving one in the years before.

Pcoombe closed this task as Resolved.May 10 2018, 10:05 AM

Thanks. I think we did have some thank you emails which were getting delayed, but they should have all caught up now.