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[Bug] Deletion of reading lists does not persist quickly across logins
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Steps to reproduce

Prerequisite: User is logged into two devices with syncing turned on on their account.

On device #1, create the reading lists “Alpaca” and “Badger.”
Open device #2, the reading lists “Alpaca” and “Badger” should have synced to device #2.
On device #1, log out and clear saved articles locally.
On device #2, delete all reading lists.
On device #1, log in.

Expected behavior

No reading lists are associated with the account and there are no reading lists on either device.

Actual behavior

Reading lists are still visible on device 1 until app has been restarted

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Device #1: iOS 10.3.3 (iPhone 6S)
Device #2: iOS 11 (iPhone 7)
App Version 5.8.0 (1377)

“Alpaca” and “Badger” sync to both devices (Step 2):

Clearing saved articles locally + deleting all reading lists upon logout = removes reading lists from both devices:

Reading lists do not return to Device #1 upon login again even if syncing is enabled:

As the screencaps show things seem to work as expected.