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frdev1001 and MySQL access for Guillaume
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Hi there,

As part of my work on Revenue strategy, I'm looking to pull and analyze historical data about donations, which I understand requires access to frdev1001, MySQL, and the Civi/Drupal databases.

I have an existing Yubikey.

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gpaumier renamed this task from Lutetium and MySQL access for Guillaume to frdev1001 and MySQL access for Guillaume.Mar 8 2018, 9:23 PM
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Hi @gpaumier, can you please:

  • generate a new ssh key for fundraising access and post the public key on this task
  • email me the output of a couple yubikey presses

And I will get you set up :)

Public key:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC0QEKBKbjJmBXND7vcohpw4dyMwEQ8bgWy/HbbiKPF9/ZjdovdNjauuX9yVKDcHf9xXAQBuW6GlhmxEbzsgMCvcQnWqu6QCopgAadnJqlKV4w2r3z3WImXAXhU1flh/PZubOzTEENDAhgcXJcGFqlb/VtGuO47bLu2ainleDBjN745pZxJYIG6LUK5nEYBhmirfyIjDHiWZG892CtTQywPB1Qt2OEX6jlHS8wv/i6Pq945EYojAka7njczrv5S91OTVQXpAybWatliYH9OVQcd0IyftR6FAQ7GT+ME9GGrba/eEvfQn2zeehSjzUD6zGEPMZwXLs6d6B4HLxbhl3DV

and I've sent the email. Thank you!