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An expert panel to produce recommendations on open data sharing for public good
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Over the past years, we've engaged in multiple conversations with researchers and chapters interested in the use of Wikimedia traffic data to conduct epidemiological/surveillance research for public good. While we recognize the importance of this body of research, and the role data WMF collects could play in advancing it (compared to other platforms), we haven't been able to identify a sustainable model tor sharing this data. The current approach (granting server access under NDAs to a small group of researchers, under our formal collaboration policy) doesn't scale technically and organizationally.

We decided we'll convene a panel of experts asking them to produce recommendations to the organization and the movement on possible models (including costs and risks) to enable the public sharing of data Wikimedia collects (in an aggregate form) that may help make significant progress on global public health issues, while protecting the privacy of our editors and readers.


Confirmed invitees who expressed an interest in participating:

  • Daniela Paolotti and Ciro Cattuto (ISI Foundation)
  • Thomas Mollet (ECDC)

Other potential invitees

Other collaborators who worked on previous proposals include:

  • Shilad Sen
  • Reid Priedhorsky and Geoffrey Fairchild

Tentative timeline

Q1-FY19 (Jul - Sep 2018)


Related projects:

cc'ing @Nuria @VColeman @debt @JBennett for visibility

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I think @Ijon is real interested on this too.

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@Nuria I've removed the Research tag but myself and others from our team are subscribed to this task. If you pick this up again and need help, let us know.

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@Nuria can you provide an update about the status of this task? (I'm getting more questions about it in Wikidata Con 2019;).

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@leila sorry, but we reprioritized this task to be able to work in the three upcoming public datasets.

  1. geoeditors, editors stats per country: T131280: Make aggregate data on editors per country per wiki publicly available Probably out this coming week
  1. mediarequests, stats of file requests per project T210313: Statistics for views of individual Wikimedia images probably releasing this coming week
  1. mediawiki reconstruction history , releasing publicy this quarter

When 1/2/3 are finished we can further take a look at this work but given resource limitations we really cannot provide a timeline.

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