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libraryupdater does not Code-Review+2 some extra library
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The libraryupdater has a list of extra library to work on.
The php-parrallel-lint was updated on this extra library, but some of them does not get Code-Review+2

It works on mediawiki/tools/*, mediawiki/libs/* and mediawiki/* but fails on:

  • wikimedia/textcat
  • php-session-serializer
  • testing-access-wrapper
  • purtle
  • labs/tools/stewardbots
  • integration/docroot
  • css-sanitizer
  • cdb
  • base-convert
  • at-ease
  • WrappedString
  • RunningStat
  • RelPath
  • IPSet
  • HtmlFormatter
  • CLDRPluralRuleParser
  • AhoCorasick

Please have a look if some rights are missing for the bot. Thanks

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If the bot should not merge these repositories, there should be a way to trigger the tests.

By the way, the update was not happen for:

  • utfnormal
  • wikimedia/lucene-explain-parser
  • avro-php (found T177273 for it)

As for labs/tools/stewardbots I'd prefer that the bot kept the current behaviour as we have to sync the toolforge repo later and it helps to have this kind of reminder :-)

Right now it only auto +2's if the repo starts with mediawiki/ (

I think I can have it just try to upload the patch with +2 regardless, (which should fail if it's not in the ACL), and if it fails it can upload it again without the +2.

I was just wonder about it, having a good reason is also okay for me. Having tests running when not CR+2 would be nice.

Change 457107 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm; owner: Legoktm):
[labs/libraryupgrader@master] Auto +2 in repos outside of mediawiki/

Change 457107 merged by jenkins-bot:
[labs/libraryupgrader@master] Auto +2 in repos outside of mediawiki/

Legoktm claimed this task.