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document the timelines format
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I'd like to make a timeline using the Graphs extension. As an example the timeline should spread from 1st of March til the 7th of March and only show one event which happened yesterday at 6pm. I tried simplifying the example provided in the demo but it became blank and names of the parameters are not obvious. Please improve the documentation.

Event Timeline

Please explain which exact demo you used which came out blank.

One of the best ways to experiment with Graphs is in my opinion the vega editor (vega is the definition language used by the graphs extension):

You wont' have any access to wikidata, but it's one of the better ways to experiment with all the different options and get immediate feedback.


@TheDJ this is an interactive website. It is difficult to navigate and is not a substitute for good documentation. Do not think it would be an efficient use of contributors' time. Instead what I would expect to see is a tutorial showing how to create simple (2-3 line) plots and then build on it to add more complicated features. This would allow the relevant wikis to unleash the full potential of the graphs extension more easily.

@Gryllida you are right. There is an extensive Vega doc site, which also includes a number of tutorials, but unfortunately it documents Vega 3, whereas Wikipedia is still using Vega 2. The concepts are very similar, but there are some syntax changes between versions. Also, there is a much simpler language called Vega-Lite, used for the most typical X/Y graphs, and eventually I hope WP will support both.

There is a phab ticket to update graph ext to Vega 3, but currently noone at the foundation is maintaining the graph extension, and I do not have as much time as I once did to know exactly when I will have time to update it.