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Granular protection for wikidata items
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On March 8 at ru-wiki we've noticed that in thousands of articles "Russia" was changed to "mainkra". Vandalism was reverted in less than 1 hour, but due to slow updates, a lot of people saw it (more details here:
It appears that wd admins are not willing to issue indefinite (or even long) semi-protection even for "the most common items since many contributors in the projects are not autoconfirmed on Wikidata and will not be able to add new articles if needed".
Can we provide an ability to protect labels/descriptions/statements separately from sitelinks?

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I believe labels are by far the most frequently vandalized entities, and even one can protect them separately it would already make a big difference.

Ghuron triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 12 2018, 9:02 PM
Ghuron added a project: patch-welcome.

I would really like to see a protection level which allows indirect edits like moving pages or adding sitelinks. I don't mind whether that involves changing how semi-protection works on Wikidata, or adding a new type of protection.

I've heard that people from other projects are often reluctant to use data from Wikidata because we don't do enough to prevent vandalism, but Wikidata doesn't have any protection levels that don't have unwanted side effects, so we're kinda stuck. :(

See also T209243: Protection of classes of Wikidata items based on attributes of their statements; it might be more practical to (either additionally or alternately) allow protection of classes of statements (e.g. based on property). This would be somewhat similar to how MusicBrainz requires 7-day review periods for all edits to certain types of data.

I can see that protecting of portion of item might be a problem for wbeditentity, one have to diff changes in order to understand what exactly is beeing updated. I think for the time beeing, we can only apply this mechanism for wbset* actions. Majority of vandalism comes from UI and other user-friendly helper tools, wbeditentity is almost exclusively used by bots or complicated instruments like SourceMD (for items creation).
It is better to have easier half of this feature in production this year, rather than wait for full feature for another 2 years...