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Contact news sources with new Zotero translators
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Get in touch with the news sources for which the new Zotero translators have been created.

Say we have created them and explain the effect for Wikipedia. Check if they want a meeting and ask that they let us know if their structure changes.

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Lokal_Profil added a subscriber: Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE.

I see that this one slipped through our net.

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Would you mind taking this on once the three translators are deployed on Wikipedia ?

All the translators currently fail to varying degrees, see If we want to do this, we would first make sure that they are working.

@Lokal_Profil, is this still something we still want to do? I haven't done anything with Zotero/Citoid for a long while. I did a quick test and at least SR and SVT URLs work to some extent.