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CX2: Allow partial publishing by skipping parts of the content with issues
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Publishing a translation with Content Translation may be prevented by a small issue in a specific part of the content (e.g., a link to a website that the target wiki does not allow). For such cases, it may be preferred to allow to skip the problematic pieces and publish the rest.

This requires to (a) be able to identify the pieces of content with errors that prevent publishing, (b) be able to remove them (e.g., the title cannot be removed), and (c) communicate the circumstances to the user to avoid confusion.

The proposed process is as follows:

  • Show a confirmation dialog, where the user is informed that there are issues in the page and continuing would publish the content by skipping the problematic parts (encouraging to review the content, but allowing to proceed).
  • If the user decides to continue publishing, the content will be published skipping the problematic elements. The publishing confirmation message will be shown as a warning, communicating that the article was partially published with a link to the destination.

The ability to detect where issues are in the translation may require to be able to check the issues of individual segments reliably. This may require to be able to distinguish filters to two classes: those that can be applied to individual sections and those that should not (maybe a third class that applies to the title only). Some ways to support it: ask the user to tick a checkbox or use an algorithm. A separate ticket may be needed to support the specific solution.