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CX2: Confirm publishing when warnings exist
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Some issues do not prevent a translation from publishing. However, we want to encourage users to create quality content which is less likely to be reverted.
In order to support this we can show a confirmation dialog after the user clicks "Publish".
We'll show the dialog only when:

  • There are issues in the translation that are detected and communicated to the user. Issues that the user can mark as resolved, or explicitly discard them, wont be counted.
  • The user is publishing to the main namespace.

The message will inform the user about the existence of issues, encourage to review and surface the impact those issues may have to the community (the need to make the community more visible was identified in New-Editor-Experiences ). Users can go back to editing, or publish the translation anyways.

CX-error-publish-warning-confirm.png (720×1 px, 226 KB)