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Better handle block reasons on mobile (specifically templates and HTML comments)
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T165535: Block notices on mobile web for logged-in users provide insufficient information about the block improved the UI of blocks on mobile, but blocks with templates as their block reasons are still troublesome.

Current block notice drawer

Reason for the block
{{anonblock}}: <!-- IP hoping vandalism and disruption: LTA -->

This does not accurately provide the user with the block rationale.

See T165535#4038869 for more discussion on this topic.

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@TBolliger Can you give more context to this? I'm not sure I understand how this is different from T165535?

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Nevermind, I found T165535#4038869 which has screenshots. :)

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I would like to see the reason parsed so that

  1. HTML comments are not shown
  2. and templates are displayed or clickable to display (over the drawer?). (The template should display as it would appear on the page where the user sees the block.)
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Renaming to be more specific, for searchability.

  1. I agree.
  2. Most block warning templates are designed for desktop and do not display appropriately on mobile. I don't think they should appear directly in the drawer, but perhaps could be expanded on tap. We'll want to rope in a UI designer to help with this.
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@TBolliger shouldn't this be tagged anti-harassment? Sorry if I'm missing something. Are you looking for input specifically from @alexhollender ?

@TBolliger I'm still confused. This bug was raised by you and my team isn't planning to work on this but it's been marked as "tracking work by other teams". Please let me know if you're expecting something from us here.

I'm not expecting anything from your team and I cannot prioritize this for my team either. It sounds like neither team is planning on working on this in the foreseeable future. No surprise — it will require a lot of work to very little end-user benefit.

Thanks for the clarification @TBolliger ! understood! It will indeed!

Some possible ways to solve this:

  1. Strip templates and/or comments
  2. If the reason has a template or a comment, do not show the reason
  3. If the reason has a template or a comment, replace with a "probable match" reason (e.g. {{spam}} to Inserting spam)

Comments should be stripped. If templates cannot be displayed, then a link to the user's talk page is better than nothing. Details won't always be on there though (e.g. IP range blocks).

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Summarising my comments from T219661:

On Special:Blocklist we use the commit message parser which only allows links and comments:

{{echo|Template}} [[reason]] ''italics'' '''bold''' you're blocked! /* comment */

On desktop we use the full parser and this is widely used to show reason information. I suspect this was originally an accident as the field is a single line and limited by the same amount as commit messages (currently 500 chars), but given the communities now use this feature widely, it appears there is no going back.