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Build .deb package of python3-typing for jessie
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aiokafka requires the python3 module 'typing', when run on a version below 3.5. As jessie packages python 3.4, this means that we need a .deb of this module. Note: stretch packages python 3.5, and so this is not needed for stretch.

Pypi location:

As our packaging for python modules is inconsistent, I need some direction from SRE as to what the correct way to do this is:

  1. Use fpm or a similar tool to build a binary package, and hand the binary package over.
  2. Create a repo that includes the module source and a debian/ directory, hand that off for build and upload
  3. Create a source .deb, hand that off to have a binary package built and uploaded to apt.
  4. Build the binary packages myself, and hand those off to be uploaded

Note that the second of the options above is the one that conforms with the debian packaging guidelines.

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If it helps, this repo just needs dpkg-buildpackage run at the root in order to generate the deb:

jessie-backports ships a backport of the version in stretch (, would that version work for you? It installed just fine on a test host for me (and we can include jessie-backports when building aiokafka for jessie-wikimedia).

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Going through Ian's old tasks. Closing as there hasn't been activity in almost a year.

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