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Delete "Ivan Krestinin" LDAP account
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Account "Ivan Krestinin" was created by mistake. It is duplicate of "Ivan A. Krestinin" account.

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Account "Ivan Krestinin" created 2018-03-09T15:39:11Z. Account "Ivan A. Krestinin" created 2018-03-05T13:58:42Z. Both have the same email address.

"Ivan Krestinin" is not attached on wikitech and has no OpenStack project memberships.

bd808 claimed this task.
striker_admin@m5-master.eqiad.wmnet(striker)>delete from goals_milestone where user_id=770;
Query OK, 2 rows affected (0.01 sec)

striker_admin@m5-master.eqiad.wmnet(striker)>delete from labsauth_labsuser where id=770;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
$ ldapmodify -v -D 'uid=novaadmin,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org' -W -f T189742-delete-ivan-krestinin.ldif
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
Enter LDAP Password:
deleting entry "uid=ivankrestinin,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org"
delete complete