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[DO NOT USE] Wikis waiting for creation (tracking) [superseded by #Wiki-Setup (Create)]
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WARNING: This project is replaced by the Create column of Wiki-Setup, please add this tag and move to that column for new related tasks.

Tracking task for requests to create new Wikimedia wikis.

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MarcoAurelio lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Aug 21 2017, 1:04 PM
Krinkle removed subtasks: T173643: Create Wiktionary Fiji Hindi, T173471: Re-open Wikibooks Bashkir, T173013: Create Wikivoyage Hindi, T168782: Create fishbowl wiki for Maithili Wikimedians User Group, T168765: Create Wikiversity Hindi, T168764: Reopen Wikinews Dutch, T168518: Create Dinka Wikipedia, T165977: Create CoC committee private wiki, T167714: Create Atikamekw Wikipedia, T162510: Create fishbowl wiki for West Bengal Wikimedians User Group, T161529: Create Wikipedia Doteli, T160865: Create Wikipedia Khowar, T160868: Create Wikipedia Kabiye, T155038: Create Wikimania 2018 wiki, T151731: Create an arbcom-cs wiki, T151570: Create Wikivoyage Finnish, T149522: Create Wikisource Eastern Punjabi, T146612: Create Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia at, T143138: Private wiki for Project Grants Committee, T140898: Create Wikipedia Tulu, T135521: Internal Wiki for Wikimedians of Ecuador, T134017: Create Wikipedia Jamaican, T126832: Recreate a wiki for Wikimedia Portugal, T125501: Create Adyghe Wikipedia, T122062: Create the wikimania2017 wiki, T106305: Create Wikipedia South Azerbaijani, T102026: Create Wikipedia Northern Luri, T98676: Create fishbowl wiki for Wikimedia User Group China, T96468: Create Wikipedia Goan Konkani, T85374: Create wikimania2016 wiki, T73382: Create Wikivoyage Persian, T62764: Create an arbcom-cz wiki, T74346: Create Wikipedia Maithili, T62220: Move to WMF, T73875: Create Oriya Wikisource, T68370: Create wikimania2015wiki, T63222: Create wiki (legalteamwiki) for Wikimedia Foundation legal team, T66557: New England Wikimedians website, T51328: Create Wikipedia Tuvan, T61077: Create Wikivoyage Chinese, T47744: Please create, T45812: Create Sanskrit Wikiquote, T54034: Create Wikivoyage Vietnamese, T50413: Create Greek Wikivoyage, T50412: Create Venetian Wiktionary, T45129: Create Wikisource Assamese, T48417: Create Wikivoyage Ukrainian, T48416: Create Hebrew Wikivoyage (hewikivoyage), T49945: Create wikimania2014 wiki, T44933: Create Wikivoyage Spanish, T44934: Create Wikivoyage Portuguese, T38477: Create wikimania2013 wiki, T46606: Create Wikiquote in Oriya, T46462: Create Wikipedia Minangkabau, T46460: Create Wikiversity Korean, T33096: Create a new wiki for Wikimedia Bangladesh, T46414: Create Wikivoyage Polish, T46413: Create Wikivoyage Romanian, T31456: Create Wikipedia Mingrelian, T36351: Create Wikisource in Belarusian, T31339: create a test wiki for RTL development, T34511: Create Western Panjabi Wiktionary, T34510: Create Veps Wikipedia, T32882: Create Wikipedia in Northern Sotho, T31273: wiki, T36223: Create Wikipedia Lezgi, T32793: Create Wikimedia Belgium wiki (, T29631: the Wikisource for Sanskrit is approved, T29557: Create Sakha Wikisource, T27773: Create Wikibooks in Limburgish, T27774: Create Wikinews in Esperanto, T27743: Create the Breton Wikisource (ws/br), T29379: Please create Wikipedia in Latgalian language, T27696: Create, T35907: Please create a Marathi Wikisource, T27569: Create the Gagauz Wikipedia (wp/gag), T27544: Create a new Wikipedia in Hill Mari, T27307: Create Wikipedia in Banjar, T30520: Create wikimania2012 wiki, T27130: Create Wikipedia in Komi-Permyak, T27056: Create new wiki for Persian Wikinews, T37290: Create Slovenian Wikiversity, T22181: New approved projects, T26928: Creation of a wiki for Wikimedia Estonia, T30139: Create the Greek Wikinews, T37138: Create Gujarati Wikisource, T26776: Create Korean Wikinews, T31796: Create Wikiversity Arabic, T31758: Create a wiki for the future chapter Wikimedia México, T30022: Create the Albanian Wikinews, T30003: Create the Kabardian Circassian Wikipedia, T31715: Please create a wiki for Wikimedia Argentina, T26664: Wiki for Wikimedia Macedonia, T21609: Create Domain for Wikimedia Colombia, T24657: Create Wikipedia Karachay-Balkar, T28136: Create Wikisource in Esperanto, T27924: Create Wikipedia in Rusyn, T27904: Create the Swedish Wikiversity (wv/sv), T27871: Create the Palatinate German Wikipedia (wp/pfl), T15547: Create Wikimania 2009 website, T13614: Create Wikimania 2008 website, T18812: Request for a Dutch version of labs.
Krinkle subscribed.

Per T102509, closed in favour of Wiki-Setup (Create).

Liuxinyu970226 renamed this task from Wikis waiting for creation (tracking) to [DO NOT USE] Wikis waiting for creation (tracking) [superseded by #Wiki-Setup (Create)].Aug 24 2017, 1:21 PM
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