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Grant access to pmiazga to db1112 and db1112 (MCR tests hosts)
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Creating this ticket in a retrospective way, for the record - this was sent to the DBAs:

@pmiazga sends

Hey Manuel,

Could you provide me a passwords for db1111 and db1112 on terbium? My username is `pmiazga`. I want to verify using live data.

Best Regards

@Marostegui sends:

Hey Piotr, 

I have no problem giving you those grants, but I would like to know if that is fine by Katie/Daniel as they have been the people I normally talk to in regards with those hosts.
Not that I don't trust you, but I just want to make sure they are fine with it as they are the only (as far as I know) users for those hosts :-)


@daniel replies:

Hi Manuel!

Please give Piotr access to the test data.

Thank you!

@Marostegui grants access:

Hello Piotr, 

I have created this ticket for the record as a retroactive task for tracking: T189799

Anyways I have granted you access from terbium, to connect to it:
mysql --skip-ssl -hdb1111 -utest_wikiuser 
(same for db1112)

That test_wikiuser has the same privileges as the wikiuser in production.

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@Marostegui thanks for creating this task. From now on I'll create phab tickets when requesting production access.

The user you will be using has the following grants: