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Create an extension that supports in-browser user chat (similar to Facebook Chat)
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Author: tim987

Mediawiki should have a floating chat toolbar that is displayed at the bottom of the page when users login. No installation is needed.

The floating toolbar will show a list of usernames that are viewing a specific wiki article,how many new messages a person has, and there will be a blank space for Multiple chat windows.

Facebook has a floating Chat toolbar and you can see an example of it
(look at the bottom of the screen)

The floating chat toolbar should be aligned right at the bottom of a user's screen and make sure it spreads completely to the right and left edges of the screen.

Multiple chat windows should be able to be open so people can chat to an unlimited number of ppl and if all the chat windows cannot fit on the toolbar, then there should be an ARROW so users can scroll the toolbar to find the chat windows.

The Chat Window should show whether a user is still online,timestamp on messages,emotion icons,etc. Of course file transfer would not be possible because this wouldn't work because users don't have to install the floating chat toolbar.
People should be able to minimize the chat Window and the FIRST message from someone should ALWAYS popup on screen.

There should be a button to DISABLE chat if users don't want to chat and to others it shows the person as online but also show a DISABLED sign so they can't send them any messages. If a person wants to ENABLE chat then there should be an ENABLE button. The last ENABLE/DISABLE setting a user chooses should be SAVED and set to it when the person next signs into Mediawiki.

The floating Chat toolbar should work in Internet Explorer 6,IE7 and

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Changing to an extension request. I don't see a chat feature ever going into core. wrote:

Update to this, if it's implemented:

A lot of websites have live chat support, "click here to chat to a customer service agent".

A software method supporting a *"click to get help from an experienced editor"* button, along with the reverse ("An experienced editor would like to talk to you, click to accept"), would probably allow us to refine newcomer support and could work wonders in terms of support, wiki-knowhow, and perceived friendliness.

If someone just wants to embed chat on their wiki, they can use

<div id="tlkio" data-channel="PAGE_NAME_OR_WIKI_NAME_HERE"
<script async src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Found while searching for information on -- another chat thing I heard about recently.

Since you can embed IRC, Discord, and Skype (and probably a lot more too), does this still need an extension?

Since you can embed IRC, Discord, and Skype

Any references available for these statements?

@TerraCodes: How are those links to or Discord (as there's no Discord server running on your mediawiki instance?) related to embedding an in-browser user chat in MediaWiki? How is your MediaWiki login data shared with such random third parties?

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Your MediaWiki account data isn't shared with these third parties, since all of these third-parties require a separate account.

It's currently only possible to chat on Discord through the discord website ( ) and through the cross-platform (for Linux, MacOS and Windows) application. Embedding a Discord widget only means embedding a widget that shows who's online on that specific Discord server, it doesn't embed a chat widget.

As for Skype, you can only currently embed a "Contact me" button, see

MediaWikiChat implements a web browser interface for a chat, so this request is already done. Any feedback that people think are still applicable that they want to give should be written as separate tasks instead of into one big task.

Internal wikis could benefit from presence notifications in Skype for Business (née Lync). This is different than Skype. This page has some information on how to do that.