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Update FactGrid config to use nicer URLs
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As the WDQS documentation explains, there are some requirements for server URIs which are currently not configurable:

  • RecentChanges API should be accessible at WIKIBASE_URL/w/api.php
  • Entity data dump should be accessible at WIKIBASE_URL/wiki/Special:EntityData/Q123.ttl for entity Q123.

Currently, FactGrid is on /index.php/, so we need to update the configuration to match the above layout.

(Note to self: don’t forget to update the API path in the QuickStatements install as well.)

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Current status: stuff moved around in /var/www/, /etc/apache2/sites-available/*.conf updated, /var/www/w/LocalSettings.php edited in Emacs but not yet saved (in lucas-T189864 tmux session). Currently waiting to receive the password so that I can run sudo systemctl reload apache2 and then save LocalSettings.php. And then hope that the new config works…