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CX2: better guidance for adapting local images
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In Content Translation, images in the source article are added to the translation automatically. Most of the times images are stored in Commons, but it is also possible for images to be stored locally in a specific wiki. Local images cannot be added to the translation, and this can generate confusion to new users.

We may want to communicate this situation better, based on the warning system described in T189488. Invite users to add an image (from Commons) and explaining what happens to the user in a card may help to better deal with these situations.

Design details

CX-warn-missing-image.png (720×1 px, 251 KB)

When an image not available in the target wiki is added, an empty paragraph with a warning is shown with the following message:

Media not available
The original article uses a resource that is only available locally in that wiki.
This file cannot be used in the translation, but you can add other multimedia resources from our global media repository.

  • The "learn more" link will open a relevant documentation page.
  • "Add multimedia" action will open the media insert dialog in the same way as if the user selected "media" from the editing toolbar.
  • "Mark as resolved" will discard the issue. In this way users can leave that part of the translation empty.

Related tickets:

  • T188403 Image adaptation ticket, this was split from.
  • T192271 Similar approach used for unadapted templates

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