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build out and improve Terminator
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Having good coverage of labels, descriptions and aliases in different languages is important for Wikidata. Without it we are not giving everyone access to all our knowledge.

Terminator is a tool that helps editors add labels and descriptions to the most important items in their language that are still lacking them. Terminator should be improved and build out to make it an even more useful tool that people can use to make easy and meaningful contributions to Wikidata.

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Lydia_Pintscher created this task.

@Magnus The tool is currently down. Maybe you can give it a kick? Also if you could add a link to the source code that'd be awesome. I couldn't find it.

Restarted. Toolforge keeps killing my tools occasionally...

Lydia_Pintscher assigned this task to Magnus.

Magnus has done a great job revamping Terminator so I think we can close this.