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Add a "de-emphasis" color selection to filters
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From this feedback.

I suggest adding a background color option that is actually just the CSS "opacity: 0.4" (or similar).

This would help us to be able to retain some information in view, but whilst making it easier to ignore. e.g. my own edits, or bot edits, or log actions. Here's a screenshot showing log actions manually given opacity:0.4.

It could be indicated as a checkerboard "transparency" pattern, in the selection menu.

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I'm currently using this on wikitech, in my personal common.css

/* Test opacity in RC/Watchlist */
.mw-changeslist-user-experienced {
    opacity: 0.6;

When I use that with a filter that highlights Learners and Newcomers, I get this output, which makes it much easier to ignore the lines that I don't need to focus on.

Selection_012.jpg (827×1 px, 297 KB)