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Author: dohnp5a1

Would it be able to create a permanent redirect from "" to ""? The apart Esperanto subdomain hasn't been launched yet but we need to create links to the documents (now situated in the commons repository) from the Esperanto Wikipedia so that they would be valid also after creation of a Wikisource subdomain: ex. [[:eo:s:Baza_Radikaro_Oficiala]] should be now redirected to [[:oldwikisource:Baza_Radikaro_Oficiala]].

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dohnp5a1 wrote:

Otherwise, a similar redirection would be useful for all Wikisource subdomains, that are in the common repository so far.

dohnp5a1 wrote:

Also the links like [[:s:de:Merseburger Zaubersprüche|Merseburger Zaubersprüche]] are useful but now not usable in the Esperanto Wikipedia.