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wmf4727 (bast1003) - grub install fails
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This is a task to check wmf4727 (currently named bast1003) and see why GRUB install failed after install worked.

This is a breakout task from T186623#4062499 which was about testing bast1002 and where we also tried this host to confirm whether hardware was broken on bast1002.

re: wmf4727 / bast1003:

I started the install process again and it went through partitioning and installing the base system, so we can confirm the hard disks themselves work.

That being said, the installation did not finish successfully because at the very end the GRUB install failed for so far unknown reasons.

Robh mentioned i should leave the ticket open and that he'd get back to it.

16:30 < mutante> bast1002: confirmed install finished without issues
16:30 < mutante> bast1003: install runs but GRUB install fails (but it can wait, we use bast1002)
16:30 < mutante> updated ticket accordingly, it was just one for both
16:49 < robh> ok, can you make a followup task for just bast1003 to troubleshoot it and assign to me?

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Dzahn added a project: DC-Ops.
Dzahn updated the task description. (Show Details)

Should i revert my bast1003-related changes that added this server with its MAC to install_server etc? I was planning to... Now that bast1002 works we don't need that anymore.

Change 421181 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn; owner: Dzahn):
[operations/dns@master] removebast1003 again, was just for hw testing

Change 421181 merged by Dzahn:
[operations/dns@master] remove bast1003 again, was just for hw testing