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Install AbuseFilter on FileImporter test wiki and add a few meaningful rules
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In order to be able to test that using the AbuseFilter actually works, we need to create a test environment that can do so


  • On the FileImporter Test wiki, install the AbuseFilter
  • Add a set of rules to the AbuseFilter that best reflects the different kinds of checks the AbuseFilter can do, and that are easy to fail

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@Andrew-WMDE @WMDE-Fisch could you give me hints what are the rules and what I can do to test this?

@Lea_WMDE So some demo AbuseFilter rules can be found here:
The first rule, for example, blocks an import if it's wikitext contains the word "papaya". Therefore, an easy test would be to add the word "papaya" to the pages wikitext during the import process and when you click on import an error message should then appear.