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Offer "time to first review" data for patches
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A thought mentioned by WhatAmIDoing brought up in a meeting:

Data how long it takes on a proposed patch until a first review happens. Likely as percentile ranks / box plots.

Internal non-public task:

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For clarity and to avoiud misunderstandings: This is not about a general "response" (which might be adding a comment instead of a code-review label), but actually about a "review" (which means adding a code-review label) not added by the patch author.

Copying the internal comment here:

For instance, if we look at the history of the following changeset:, the time to first review would be from when Nemo bis Uploaded patch set 1. to the first review of Nikerabbit Nikerabbit Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1 I am not convinced...

Quoting @dicortazar that two different understandings were possible:

(1) time to first review for a Gerrit Changeset (independent from the total number of extra patchsets and iterations).
(2) first time to review but for each of the patchsets that you have in a Gerrit Changeset.

We want (2), as we want to make sure that potential reviewers are also responsive on follow-up improved iterations / patchsets on an initial changeset. :)

For the records: In the meantime, has been merged.