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Editable Membership reminder pop-up
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Originally: Members with expired memberships are shown a "time to renew your membership" pop-up containing the bankgiro number a PayPal link and the amount to be paid but no other instructions.
Request: Add Swish number and default instructions for the message (e.g. add "Medlemsnr. : ####") to give with the payment. Or make the message fully editable.
Status: Swish has been added to the information

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When this exists we need to review our instructions to make sure they match those in the pop-up. Requested was "Medlemsnr.: %medlemsnr%"

[Fråga]Hur går det med påminelserutan (Swish och meddelandeinstruktion)


Per 8th of July update

I påminnelsen av avgifter visas föreningens Swishnummer som en möjlighet att betala avgiften. För att Swishnummet ska visas måste det konfigureras i Konfig->Medlemsregistret->Swishnummer. När man konfigurerat Swishnumret kommer det även synas i foten på fakturorna.

Note that instructions on payment messages are still missing.

Lokal_Profil added a subscriber: Evelina-Bang-WMSE.

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE I believe these start showing up in December (and definitely in January). Come December can you log in and check the message. If a user could follow it to correctly pay (with member id and all) then this can be Resolved.

Note that T200418: Activate Swish as an internal payment option might be done by thwn which will change what the pop up looks like.