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Allow admins to delete specific messages from Conpherence
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Similarly to what happens on Tasks, where messages can be removed by the poster and Phabricator admins, we should be able to delete messages sent to Conpherence rooms. I suspect Phabricator roots can do so via DB, but doing so via web interface would be easier and more transparent.

Usages: disclosure of private information removal, spam removal, innapropriate content removal, etc.

(yes I know that contents can be delivered via email, etc. - the same happens with Tasks and other Phabricator objects so I don't consider that a valid objection not to do this and permanently store unnaceptable content on chat rooms)

Thank you!

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Unlikely to happen I'd say.

Can you confirm at least that you're able to do this via CLI?

I'd say we loose nothing to ask.

The UI allows admins to remove comments in tasks. There is no such dropdown in Conpherence.
In the CLI, sudo ./phabricator/bin/remove destroy requires an ID to pass (e.g. user name, file ID). There is no such ID for Conpherence comments.

I'd say that, at least, something should be implemented via CLI or web. I think it's a risk that, ie, outing can remain indefinitely in a room; unless maybe deleting the row on the db? I'm not privy to Phabricator inner working so apologies for over-questioning. Thanks.

Also relevant is probably if you have experienced problematic cases in reality and if so which type ("is this a theoretical problem or an existing one?").

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Conpherence was disabled (T127640#5402230).