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Design change for AF block options
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Can change the design here to make it look more clean/pretty?


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@MarcoAurelio This is the standard design used for every other "complex" AF action. With T132284 it may get a little prettier, but what would you propose to make it better right now?

I'd propose to use the same indentation for every option here. The block options are too right-sided, and there are indentation issues with the Block duration lines too. Maybe we can have the same indent for all of them?

The fact is, the options are aligned so that the left parts of the input fields are on the same column. This is also true for e.g. throttle and warn. We'd need some kind of concrete proposal to make the change. For instance, we may totally delete block options and move Block the user and/or IP address from editing their own talk page there. However, this would shift everything to the right, as you can easily check by editing the source code of the page. Maybe we could add a linebreak to the sentence?

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I agree with the general idea behind this task. I think we need to address this not just for block options, but also for throttle and warn. Essentially, the table that wraps the additional options should have some margin on the left.

In regard to T132284, we should also make sure that the same margin is also available in the OOUI design as well. I think we should address this prior to switching to OOUI though, to set the expectation for the OOUI layout.

Yes, a change in the overall design would be good. However, I don't completely agree with timing relative to OOUI: IMHO it's probably better to first convert everything to OOUI (I just informally started started to work on converting this part), then use what will be available to change the desing. This is to avoid solving now something that may be almost automatically fixed by OOUI spacing, or that will require a totally different solution (possibly a simpler one).

Huji added a comment.Mar 21 2018, 5:34 PM

Last I checked, the OOUI proposal also does not have indentation for these options, does it?

@Huji it doesn't, but I still need some time to investigate whether there will be some spontaneous change. Here is a faulty snippet of what it will look like. The flags are ready, while I only converted throttle (which still needs some changes, including JS to dinamically toggle parameters' display).

By a couple of days I'll be able to determine how OOUI will change alignment, but for sure some changes will still be needed. For instance, I feel like labels like "flags" are becoming too small.

Huji added a comment.Mar 21 2018, 5:45 PM

Okay, let's wait for your assessment. Send screenshots :)

@Huji, @MarcoAurelio you may check for the OOUI interface. It's not that different, but maybe we may gather some ideas looking at that. I also added a left padding for every parameters table.

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Fixed with the switch to OOUI, now it looks much better.