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Phantom autocreated CentralAuth accounts on some Wikimedia wikis?
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Author: herd

On my home wiki, [[Special:MergeAccount]] shows "All in order! Login unification complete!"

On the Toolserver, I have:
"plwiki, wikipedia, 0, 2008111805232205:23, 18 November 2008, No, unattached"

Showing as unattached.

Going there I see "No matching items in log."

But the user exists, and there is a creation date in teh API:

I cannot login, or retrieve a password. I did not ask for usurpation yet as this probably needs looking at.

Another user, Iceflow has a similar problem, with ru.wikinews :

Log entry exists, but user gets error when trying to log in: Ошибка базы данных Обнаружена ошибка синтаксиса запроса к базе данных. Последний запрос к базе данных: (SQL запрос скрыт) произошёл из функции «User::addToDatabase». MySQL возвратил ошибку «1062: Duplicate entry 'Iceflow' for key 2 (».

Database Error An error was detected query syntax to the database. The last attempted database query was: (SQL query hidden) from within function «User:: addToDatabase». MySQL returned error «1062: Duplicate entry 'Iceflow' for key 2 (».

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Severity: enhancement



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herd wrote:

Actually, Iceflow's error sounds like bug 16196

But note that mine problem is not the same, I do not get database errors. My account just seems not to exist or be creatable.

Hi Splarka! Sorry that nobody has taken a look at this report yet and given feedback.

(In reply to Splarka from comment #0)

On the Toolserver, I have:
"plwiki, wikipedia, 0, 2008111805232205:23, 18 November 2008, No, unattached"

We now don't have a toolserver anymore to compare with...
Also, is this still a problem nowadays? I assume this report unfortunately did not get attention when it was created, and now it's too late to investigate? :-/ is probably roughly equivalent these days. Or [[m:Special:CentralAuth/Splarka]].