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Add checkboxes to allow users to pick fields they want inserted
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Two use cases:

  1. Some templates (e.g. [[ | English Wikisource {{hws}} ]]) have tri-state parameters that can make a distinction between being empty and present, and being left out entirely.
  2. Some wikis like Polish customarily insert the entire infobox, filled or not.

At the moment, both of these can be done in TemplateWizard by entering a space character in the fields required, but that's not a good user experience. A better way to handle this would be by adding checkboxes for fields which let the user pick fields they want inserted (in addition to fields already filled).

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.29.37 PM.png (940×854 px, 166 KB)

Note that we want to automatically check fields which have any data entered by user.

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Huh. Trust Wikisorcerors to come up with something like this. :P Do we know how common this is?

So, one way we could solve this is to have a checkbox next to each field and then the user can go in and check fields they want and we export those fields + fields which have any entered data maybe. I don't like it much though.

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We're reworking this with Carolyn's help. Stay tuned!

We decided to go another route.