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Author: ekkoekko

The language code no implies both forms of written norwegian; bokmaal with the code nb and nynorsk with the code nn. Since now only allows articles written in bokmaal the domain name should change accordingly. Articles written in nynorsk are currently placed on, as they should be.

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stigmj wrote:

There is no consensus at nowiki for this change yet. We are currently about to possibly start a voting on this subject.

oddeivind wrote:

It is problematic to have a majority vote on this. Nynorsk and bokmål are both official languages and both therefore have an absolute right on the domain It should therefore be up to the nynorsk wikipedia alone to decide on this.

nsaa.wikipedia wrote:

There's a lengthy discussion on about the issue
regarding moving to There's no agreement on
the moving, and even then, it's not correct to place this wiki under the
language code nb. The official bokmål (nb code) is regulated by Språkrådet
( and the riksmål is
regulated by the academy Det Norske Akademi for Sprog og Litteratur
( Both forms are allowed and no. cover it better.

str805 wrote:

This bug has been filed by users of the Nynorsk Wikipedia, At, the wiki that these persons are proposing to move, there is widespread opposition to a move: almost twice the number of opposers compared to those in support of a move.

It concerns me that users of the Nynorsk Wikipedia are trying to end-run the consensus on the Bokmål Wikipedia by going directly to developers, posting on mailing lists and so on without mentioning that the Wikipedia they are asking to move does NOT support a move. I urge all developers not to take any action unless without checking what the actual consensus on is.

Since 2005, the two Norwegian Wikipedias have co-existed under peaceful conditions, with links to each other on main pages and other sorts of mutual agreements for the benefit of both wikis. I am dismayed to see that the Nynorsk users are now again trying to harm the Bokmål project by forcing it to move to an unpopular and unknown URL, instead of improving their own project, which would be a much more constructive endeavour.

(In reply to comment #5)
It concerns me that you are describing the situation as a hostile political power struggle between the two projects and inviting them to a fight with your accusations and this bugzilla is the last place we want any fights. Developers, who do decisions, which should be based on facts and opinions of involved parties, are now afraid of making any changes. Throwing gasoline on the fire is not going to solve any struggles there might be.

oddeivind wrote:

Not taking a position on the stuggle actually is the name as supporting the status quo, therebye supporting one side.

oddeivind wrote:

The opinion on the bokmål wikipedia is not really relevant (nor particularly interesting), as the no-code is bokmål+nynorsk. Thus, the same way that I dont have any legitimate right to refuse my brother part of the inheritance from my father, the same way bokmål wikipedia doesnt have any legitimate right to refuse nynorskwikipedia the same access to this code. And I repeat, if the Wikimdeia Foundation, or some other higher authority, does not take a decision to move to nb, they will in fact STILL have supported one side, that is the side supporting the statusn quo. There is in fact, really no neutral position on this, a non-decision is ALSO a decision!

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