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[Epic] Support a selection of diverse new GLAM pilot projects that involve Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons
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To test and initiate the new features of Structured Commons and their value for GLAMs, a series of GLAM pilot projects take place; where relevant, they will be documented on-wiki in case studies.

The GLAM team at the Wikimedia Foundation

  • encourages such pilot projects to happen
  • helps to make sure that the pilot projects are diverse, and address as many relevant aspects of GLAM uploads as possible, including
    • diverse media types (image, video, audio, pdf, 3D...)
    • diverse genres of content (photographs, visual artworks, objects from everyday life, activities...)
    • diverse groups and organisations contributing the media (volunteers, libraries, archives, museums, other knowledge institutions...)
    • highlighting various aspects of GLAM uploads (smooth uploading process from GLAM databases; interesting enrichment of files; statistics about the impact of uploads...)
  • and works with Wikimedia affiliates and communities to actively support and document the most relevant learnings, good and bad.

By the end of 2019, together, we have achieved a representative set of well-documented pilot projects and case studies, that can serve as examples of best practice that affiliates and community members can learn from, be inspired by, and build upon.

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