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Change references to "Wikimedia Research" on to "Wikimedia Foundation Research"
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Per decision by WMF-Communications and WMF-Legal, references to the research team on should take the form "Wikimedia Foundation Research".

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Capt_Swing created this task.

Change 421550 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bmansurov; owner: Bmansurov):
[research/landing-page@master] Change "Wikimedia Research" to "Wikimedia Foundation Research"

@Capt_Swing a review of the above patch would be appreciated. I can merge it after your comment. Thanks.

@DarTar @leila can anyone please review the above patch? I'm keen to merge.

@bmansurov website is outside of my territory. @Capt_Swing and @DarTar are the decision makers there. sorry I can't help, but hopefully the ping will bring them here. :)

I review this with Baha and this is what we agreed upon:

  • the changeset only affects textual references in the landing page. Before we proceed and merge the patch, I'd like to review with @Nirzar whether adapting the logo is doable and makes sense from a branding perspective
  • if the logo can be fixed, we'll proceed with the change. However, we will soon need to sort out another naming collision that's emerging from the WMF website redesign driven by the Comms team (@MelodyKramer @Varnent): having two independent pages called "Research at the Wikimedia Foundation" and "Wikimedia Foundation Research" will do an enormous disservice to our audiences and we'll need to figure out a solution, before this happens.
  • as a possible way of avoid these problems altogether, it has been suggested that we rebrand the Research team with a different name. It's an idea I am happy to consider, but it will take significant effort and cost to implement (see the Labs rebrand case for an upper bound estimate) and we'll need to have a more serious discussion with the team, Victoria and Comms about this.

Change 421550 abandoned by Bmansurov:
Change "Wikimedia Research" to "Wikimedia Foundation Research"