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Files with hash of an old version
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Similar to bug 17057, some images seem to keep the hash from a previus version when they were reuploaded: has hash ebfeda3e0b08e3f040ed855e02f52ba5fde538fd but the database lists for it acc93845d15352be6489706577ee2b11a2e81c7d, which is the one of the former version.|user|comment|timestamp&iilimit=5

Same with real hash is 2da03cff20ab190e53fa763a4faec2dde0da8bdd but lists ad80500d406e9601e18688b3b9b2a9dac8429708 which is the one of the second version|user|comment|timestamp&iilimit=5

And real hash bbc20c068861c510b348d41ad2bd626d11ce356b, stored 14031e8da776827500750b25b0687d0a371c2fa8|user|comment|timestamp&iilimit=5

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We can now fix this for individual broken cases as of r54328. Underlying cause of why they're wrong might need fixing still?

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 17057 ***