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Google Summer Of Code 2018 Proposal for Improve Data Explorer on
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Profile Information

Name: Afreen Rahman
IRC: wiz_ar
Location: India
Typical working hours (include your timezone): 9:00 a.m- 9:00 P.M (UTC+ 5:30)
Github Page Link:
Resume Link:


This project is an improvement to the existing data explorer on Wikidata Query. There are various possible enhancements related to UI that if made can help user to have a better experience. Wikidata query is a query tool that allows to write queries in SPARQL. Well a knowledge of SPARQL is not that much necessary since the tool provides edit and filter options which are user-freindly.

Possible Mentor(s)

  • Jonas Kress
  • Stas Malyshev


  • Understand and learn the rules of working at wikimedia
  • Ask for possible suggestions, feedback from mentors on a predefined date as discussed by mentors
  • Being specific to my problems if any
  • Maintaining a log daily and sharing that link to mentor so he could possibly track me

About Me

  • A junior in bachelors of technology (CS)
  • Enthusiastic to work with designs, UI and javascript
  • Through my friend , one day before the deadline I came to know about GSoC
  • My first priority for vacations is GSoC. No vacations.
  • I am not sure about Outreachy since the deadline for that has also passed but I will try to enroll in that if possible.
  • The idea of this project matches the skill levels of mine and I am moved by it. Media query is in itself a cool tool of which if I had known about earlier could possible eased the process of making some of mine school projects. I want to make it fun and user-friendly for anyone to use since that’s the rule for making UI’s - they speak themselves.Really enthusiastic to get my hands on this.
  • I got good skills in git and github.

Past Experience

I have majorly worked in web development. I made various mini projects like todo app, budget app. During my recent 3 month internship I have developed two cool projects that were UI for a musicbot and a twitter clone and learnt about engaging in communities and contributing with others on the same project.

Talking about twitter clone, this is extensively made in material-ui (since that was the task) for which I have to a great deal of homework of learning reactjs,webpack, babel, jss, css grid and flexbox. I joined material-ui’s gitter room for better understanding.

Musicbot was a challenging project since I need to collaborate with my team members, prepare logs and a plan of action. We were just given the topic to use “Watson Conversation Api”. We all decided with the idea of making a musicbot with possible deadlines and actions.
I being a frontend developer had to make a cool and appealing UI.

Here I applied my recently learned skills of material-ui but worked more with CSS and javascript(react). I got to arrange chats and various components and states. This was tedious but by maintaining code regularly and commenting important points I managed to complete it.
My project was also published on hasura hub: and appreciated by mentors.
All the possible links can be found in my resume attached under Profile Infromation