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GSOC 2018 proposal: Allow users to browse Commons from the Android app
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Name: Fran Acién
IRC nickname on Freenode: amil101
Web Profile:
Location: Madrid, Spain
Typical working hours: 9:00 pm to 16:pm UTC+2


The Wikimedia Commons app is an Android app that allows users to easily upload pictures from their mobile devices to the Wikimedia Commons database.

The project aims to create a tool to browse other people's work on Wikimedia Commons App. The main objectives are:

  1. Get familiar with the scrolling list of recently featured images, test it and fix any bug
  2. Add search button
  3. Use the Mediawiki API to make the search button list results
  4. Restrict the search results to images, or make sure no crash happen when opening exotic formats such as SVGs or sounds
  5. Release (at least in alpha), write documentation, test, fix bugs
  6. Modify the search button to also search for categories
  7. In the same results list, also show categories
  8. Implement the category activity, which shows the sub-categories and the images present in that category

Mentor: @Nes
Co-mentor: @Nicolas_Raoul


If I pass all exams, I will have summer vacations from 12th June to 5th September. Otherwise, from 10th July to 5th September. For that period I will be free from all other commitments. From now until 12th June, I will have school work which will take at max 5-6 hours a day, an average of 24 hours a week. My exams period is from 30th May to 12th June, and extraordinary exams from 20th June to 9th July.

April 23 to May 14Comunity bonding period. - Communicate and bond with students and mentors. Getting familiar with the app architecture and Wikimedia API.
May 14 to May 21Create UI desing. Add search button. Create search activity.
May 21 to May 28Create implementation with Mediawiki Search API to search image list results.
May 28 to June 4Create local caché for storing recently searched images. History of previous searches.
June 4 to June 11Improvements based on the feedback received from mentors. Writing unit tests. Manual testing on different devices, emulators. Bug fixes, Writing documentation.
June 11 to June 15Phase I evaluation
June 15 to June 18Create filters for audio, SVG and others. Create categories list fragment.
June 18 to June 25Implement category activity. Desing UI.
June 25 to July 2Implement category search using MediaWiki Search API.
July 2 to July 9Improvements based on the feedback received from mentors. Writing unit tests. Manual testing on different devices, emulators. Bug fixes, Writing documentation.
July 9 to July 13Phase II evaluation
July 13 to July 20Implement subcategory activity. Desing UI.
July 20 to July 27Implement subcategory search using MediaWIki Search API.
July 27 to August 6If time allows: modify the category activity to show the best images first. Testing the robustness of the app. Bug fixes, Writing documentation.
August 6 to August 14Improvements based on the feedback received from mentors, other community members. Manual testing on different devices, emulators. Announce the tool to the wikimedia community somewhere on Commons. Submit final work.
August 14 to August 21Mentors submit final student evaluations
August 22Final results of Google Summer of Code 2018 announced


  • Search button. Activity. UI design.
  • Category activity. UI design.
  • Subcategory activity. UI design.
  • Weekly blog posts on progress.
  • Evaluation reports.
  • Updates and regular communication with mentors and community on issues, queries etc.

About Me

Currently I am studying Grado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías y Servicios de Telecomunicación at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Bachelor student of Telecommunications Engineer. I love sharing my work and learn from others, that's why I am organizer of HackLab Almería, a space to share knowledge in the city of Almería. In Madrid I am part of Hacklab La brecha digital, Open Source weekends and makespace Madrid. I love free software communities, I have done a lot of talks about electronics and technology like in the Open South Code, Open source weekends, GDG, Hacklab Almería. Past year I won the Spanish Free software university competition with my android app called DiedricoApp, to teach descriptive geometry to high school students. I have done and lot of proyects and I really enjoy doing free software.

This is my first participation in GSoc. Last summer I participated in the European Space Agency Summer of Code, called SOCIS, with the Aerospace group of Granada's University creating "Granasat Control Dashboard". It was a really satisfying experience, and I would like to repeat it with Wikimedia this year.

I love the Wikimedia community. I have a lot of acquaintances participating actively in the wikimedia community. And in the HackLab where I am from, HackLab Almería, we organized a lot of activities to enrich the posts related to Almería, the woman in Science, etc. because we think is important to share this culture on internet and make it accessible in the largest free encyclopedia. There are several reasons why I want to collaborate in this project, but the most important is that the community of wikimedia represents the way I understand knowledge and it would be an honor work with you.

Past Experience

My background is varied, I have experience working with Java, Android, Javascript, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Python, electronics, Arduino, HTML, CSS. I am an active Linux User, actually using Fedora. In Almeria's university (UAL) I have been in high performance development course on android.

I developed an Android App for teaching diedrico (Descriptive geometry), called DiedricoApp using OpenGL and BoofCV. It was award-winning with the Spanish Free software university competition.

Last summer I participated in the European Space Agency Summer of Code, called SOCIS, with the Aerospace group of Granada's University, developing Granasat Control Dashboard. A web-based application for controlling all the functionalities of the hardware deployed at GranaSAT Groundstation in order to control the satellite mission telemetry/telecontrol procedures remotly.

I am part of Pymiento Proyect, presenting first on Pycon Es 2016 on Almería, then on Bilbao's Maker Faire, and finally on Rome's Maker Faire 2017, my work of a launchpad using NFC. It was developed using raspberry pi, arduino and python

Actually I am working on a personal proyect called Norag Cat for teaching analog electronics freely in a simple way. The main objective is to create Free Hardware with all the documentation of Mathematics, electronics and so on.