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Proposal : [Wikimedia Commons App] Feedback on how pictures uploaded to Commons are used
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Proposal For :

Profile Information

Name : Galih Fajar Fitra Ady
IRC nickname on Freenode : Takoyaki46
Web Profile :
User Page :
Resume (optional)
Location (country or state) : Bandung, Indonesia
Typical working hours (include your timezone) : 07:00 AM until 06:00 PM (GMT +7)


This projects focus on how we must deliver feedback to someone who has uploaded a photo to the repository. It barely tells the uploader of what have they contribute to the community. To increase the interest of contribution, we can give the contributor a reward, like badge or star to the contributor, or maybe some real reward such as voucher etc, if what they've been uploaded to community make a great impact. In addition, to sort make sure if the photo is original or not, we can make some criteria and user agreement. Furthermore, photo plagiarism checker has an incandescent future to this project.

Possible Mentor(s)

I have not contacted them both.


April 23, 2018 - May 14, 2018

Read and learn more about Android SDK and UI
Read and learn more for RxJava
Read and learn more about wikimedia APIs
Learn and try to implement any other language to APIs (possibly c++)
Deciding communication method with mentor(s)
Writing first GSoC update

May 14, 2018 - June 15, 2018

Work on receiving & reviewing all data regarding to image upload on wikimedia
Work on integrating possible wikimedia APIs to the main project
Designing first plain Android UI for the feedback
Contact with the mentor
Prove the code or application
Writing second GSoC update

June 15, 2018 - July 9, 2018

Work on the Android UI design
Second attempt to prove the code
First attempt to soft launch the app for certain respondee
Writing third GSoC Update
Contacting the mentor
If possible, contacting third party participant regarding to reward

July 13, 2018 - August 14, 2018

Working on improvement to the code and UI
Third attempt to prove the code
Second attempt to soft launch to some respondee
Contacting the mentor
Write fourth GSoC update
Submit code.
Make sure all done.

Mainly, is sure a very helpful place to ask for help and improvement, since anyone on the web can pull request to my project. Of course, github is the second resort after if I cannot discuss the project with my mentor(s). The publishing of the code will also possibly be on github, and publishing of the app itself will be done closely to certain people.

About Me

My Education
I am a undergraduate student of Bandung Institute of Technology, First Year of School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. I am an active member of Google Developer Student Club at my institution.

About Program
I first heard about this program from the Google Developer Student Club, telling the Google Summer of Code program and searching for a project that will at least match with my current skill, and wikimedia it is.

Period of Project
Mainly, I will not have such a 'hard' vacation during my summer break, it is why I applied for this.

About GSoC and Outreachy
I haven't heard about Outreachy, so I didnt't plan to join it.

What This Project Mean To Me
It is an honor if my project is happening and people of the internet can use my work, I haven't been done something bigger than this and it surely will make a next great leap for me.

Past Experience
To be honest, i am not an expert in field of Android or another kind of language and open sources. I have just begun this current activity as a programming enthusiast not a long time ago. However, I am currently studying Android SDK by myself, and I have a particular skills regarding to the design of the UI. I also have an elementary level of C++ language.