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Improve documentation for answering "What is ORES and how can I use it?"
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The following write-up was created by @Adotchar to help the Scoring-platform-team understand where ORES docs are lacking. He was tasked with trying to find the answer to the following question.

“What is ORES and how can I use it?”

To begin, I’ll give a short overview of myself. My username is Vermont, same on IRC as on-wiki. I do anti-vandalism on the Simple English Wikipedia, and I do AfC/NPP/AWB/etc. on the English Wikipedia. My experience with ORES is limited to seeing numbers I don’t understand showing up in my Huggle diffs, and bugging Aaron Halfaker and others to help me get ORES on the Simple English Wikipedia.

Regarding [[ORES]] on MediaWiki. The lead section of that gives a pretty good explanation of what ORES is, although it is a bit vague in terms of it’s description of ORES. But, that’s what the rest of the article is for. At the end of the lead, it gives a link to the ORES FAQ. When skimming the article, I noticed language used that will be difficult for people who are not proficient in English to understand. 8 language versions are listed, and 4 of the 8 (Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Italian) are not translated at all, and have been left for a while. (The Japanese version has section titles translated, but no text). There are currently no fully-translated ORES articles other than the English one.

Checking the FAQ, I went immediately to “How do I use ORES?” It’s a simple description of where ORES is on supported wikis and works quite well. Furthermore, “How can I use ORES to support my editing activities?” was a bit confusing to me. This is definitely because I am inexperienced in this field, but telling me that “you can always query ORES directly via the API” is something I know nothing about. The example helps, showing how to query ORES directly, although it doesn’t really explain what numbers mean what. About a month ago I attempted to learn how ORES works. I was unable to, as I could not find *how* ORES worked, only what it did and how I could use it. I still don’t fully understand what influences ORES’s numerical outputs, nor do I fully understand what said outputs imply. The FAQ page’s “What’s an ORES score” doesn’t assist in this. Essentially, what I’ve learned from scanning is that ORES exists, and that it’s main use is anti-vandalism. I think that a more in-depth look at it’s article evaluations would be helpful to distinguish it from it’s more common applications as an anti-vandal tool. [[:mw:ORES/Applications]] helps significantly in finding out how to use ORES. ORES/Issues should be expanded. People should know about, or have the ability to know about issues so that when they’re effected by it they are not unprepared.

  • Anything we can do to encourage translation?
  • “How can I use ORES to support my editing activities?” in the FAQ is confusing.
    • “you can always query ORES directly via the API” assumes too much
  • What do ORES' outputs imply?
  • What influences ORES’ outputs?
  • ORES/Issues should be expanded

This task is done when someone reads through the above and takes an editing pass over our FAQ and others docs trying to apply relevant changes.

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