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Help dialog padding off in narrow mode
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Both the text-icon spacing and the close icon position.

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This doesn't seem to be a problem any more, even if you make the screen really, really, really narrow, as in, as narrow as the dialogue itself. Unless "narrow" means something else here...?

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 14.32.28.png (1×720 px, 314 KB)

I suspect this has been fixed by rGOJU552cbc434d01: Toolbar: Put all popups (from PopupToolGroup and PopupTool) into an overlay. Although it only calls out a fix for the close button in top-right:

Position of the "close" button of the popup of PopupTool when the toolbar is in narrow mode is corrected (previously, some of the narrow-mode styles for tool icons incorrectly applied to it).

But the other icons were likely affected by the same incorrect styles and I just didn't notice when working on that patch.