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Request addition to 'toolsbeta.admin' service group
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Because of T162945, I don't think there is a way for me to add myself to the service group. The group is currently used to restrict ssh access to those instances marked as infrastructure in toolforge, and toolsbeta 'inherits' the rules by using the same puppet classes.
The easy workaround would be adding root keys to Hiera, but I think both @Chicocvenancio and I would benefit from being in the service group.

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In ldap, I added

member: uid=chicocvenancio,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
member: uid=zhuyifei1999,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org

to cn=toolsbeta.admin,ou=servicegroups,dc=wikimedia,dc=org

That should do it.