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Site notice has layout problem with links in the upper edge.
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Screen shot showing site notice having layout problems.

See attached screen shot.
The links in the upper edge of the site notice are not aligned.
Also, the entire thing is wasting a lot of space.

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Also, the entire thing is wasting a lot of space.

That would be because you're using two types of notices. CentralNotice is the global notice loaded on all wikis (that's the top box).

ksh.wikipedia has also implemented which should probably be disabled. Disabling it will save some screen space. :-)

Unless we get to know how to change (translate) the CentralNotice
(-: and access to changing it :-) I'd suggest to disable that rather
than the local one.
Seriously, I do not object having both, of course. I simply was not
aware that we have two kinds of sitenotices now, indeed.

The problem reported here is abot the (top most) CentralNotice only.
Its two links at the upper edge are not properly aligned.
That applies to all WikiMedia wikis, I've seen so far.

Created attachment 5709
showing additional bugs


Above attachment shows the bugs where theres:
A) a blank line so its not vertical aligned
B) the top border hits the page tabs border creating a 2px border on it in some pages. This can easily be fixed by adding a pixel or two in between to separate them.

Is this bug report still actionable?

I'm not sure why it's filed under the "Parser" component...

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