Add & Edit Forms via wbeditentity
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  • wbeditentity allows adding and editing of Lexeme forms per the same business logic implemented in wbladdform & wbleditformelements
    • forms can be editited as properties of Lexeme (using lexeme id [e.g. L1] as entity identifier to wbeditentity)
    • individual forms can be editited as form entities (using form id [e.g. L1-F2] as entity identifier to wbeditentity)
  • id is used instead of formId to identify forms inside wbeditentity (forms[]{ id: ... }), wbladdform, wbleditformelements


  • Rename of formId to id was done for wblremoveform in T189673 /
  • RemoveFormConstraint::many() describes (parts of) a Lexeme entity, not only the forms part as the name suggests. To allow for more actions (add, edit), this should be split - e.g. a collection in RemoveFormConstraint::many(), and a LexemeConstraint that describes the properties and different (action) constraints for them
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As it came out in the discussion documented in T190060 I note that it was decided that single representation should be represented using a structure: { "language": "en", "value": "colour" }. Note the "value" property being used instead of "representation".
That structure is intended to be used in all API dealing with doing changes to a form, i.e. not only wbeditentity, but also wbladdform, and wbleditformelements.

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