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Perform user testing on new multilingual features
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The Android team is introducing a slate of changes intended to improve the experience of using the app for those who are multilingual. The main change is the ability for users to set more than one language in the app which enables them to (a) more easily search across languages they speak, and (b) see more content in the Explore feed in multiple languages. This study aims to test the usability of these changes, as well as gauge multilingual users’ thoughts on expanded feed content.

Planning doc

Goals of the study

In order of priority:

  1. Identify usability improvements to core tasks of editing app languages, searching across languages, and customizing feed content.
  2. Gauge the user’s attitudes to the multilingual features being implemented.
  3. Measure the discoverability and understanding of the benefits of this feature.

Test format

Moderated testing with participants of the 2018 Wikimedia Hackathon in who match the target user requirements.


Ideally there will be at least 5 participants for the study, who match the follow criteria:

  • Uses an Android device
  • Multilingual
  • Existing Android Wikipedia app user?
    • If no, test with protocol 1
    • If yes, test with protocol 2