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DateTimeInputWidget uses 'Z' to indicate UTC, which isn't as common of a denotation as 'UTC'
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In T132220 we found the DateTimeInputWidget uses 'Z' to denote the time selected will be in UTC. It's much more common to use 'UTC'. Can this functionality be added? and likely made default?

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Jdforrester-WMF subscribed.

Nothing to do with OOUI, this is a MediaWiki widget.

(Also, "Z" is the Unix standard for UTC, it's being put their by your computer, not Wikimedia's. ;-))

The Campaigns team is interested in maybe taking on this ticket, so we can have a better user experience when organizers enable registration on their event pages.

Daimona subscribed.

We'll work on a different solution which involves removing the time zone indication altogether.