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Poor performances of syntax highlighting feature at old WikiEditors in IE11
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I found out that there may be more issues while editing under one of old WikiEditors in syntax highlighting mode at Internet Explorer 11. I tested out the mode in various skins and would like to describe the instances, but there are a few, if not more.

EDIT: I would like to describe the issues with using CodeMirror mode, but then I figured that creating a separate task about each issue flows more than discussing them all at once here.

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Can you provide more details on this, @gh87?

@gh87 Okay so you will add bugs here? Separate tickets are preferable because then we can prioritize and evaluate each ticket separately but I can take care of creating those if you add them here. Thanks.

I tried finding any other bugs, but I found no other at the moment.

The Community-Tech team will look into resolving T190682: CodeMirror textarea scrolls back to top in IE with CodeMirror enabled in our next sprint. If it becomes too complex to resolve we will disable CodeMirror for Internet Explorer given technical complexity and prioritization of other Wishlist projects. The other subtasks of this ticket are not considered blockers for graduation.

Can CodeMirror be disabled from IE and Edge? Must I create a separate task to request it? The problems using CodeMirror in IE11 still persist for months since Com Tech gave up on fixing them; probably the same for Edge.

This might be related to the bug I found and fixed in T270317#6740027.

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IE11 is no longer supported.