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mw-redirect links in special:contributions
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Author: charlottethewebb

the html of user contribs after a page-move looks something like this

<span class="newpage">N</span> <a href="/wiki/Foo" title="Foo">Foo</a> <span class="comment">(moved <a href="/wiki/Foo" class="mw-redirect" title="Foo">Foo</a> to <a href="/wiki/Bar" title="Bar">Bar</a>: i felt like it)</span>

since we already check which one of the titles is currently a redirect (it is the opposite way if the move has been reverted) and mark the "moved from" link in the edit summary as class="mw-redirect", shouldn't we also give the first "Foo" link the same css?

also shouldn't we add "&redirect=no" to known redirect links in special:contributions (and any other special page which bothers to check for this).

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Severity: enhancement



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Fixed in r46175

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