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Fallback languages for CentralNotice
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It would be nice if we could get a fallback language other than English... ie.

  • interface set to pt-br, whoops we have no translation in that language => try pt; whoops, still none => go for English
  • interface set to zh-tw, no translation :-( => try zh-hant... grr, still none => fine, we'll deal with English ;-)

We could set these fallback languages in the extension's code -- no need for a web interface.

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That's how it's supposed to work already. Fallback languages are defined within MediaWiki's localization framework, and should be handled as such... if they ain't working, it's probably a general MediaWiki problem, not CentralNotice-specific.

What is the status of this? Does CentralNotice make use of MediaWiki's built-in language fallback feature?

It appears that messages in banners are not using the language fallback chain. I haven't had a chance to troubleshoot this yet, but I imagine the issue is in SpecialBannerLoader::getMessage().

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 1495 ***