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ConfirmEdit should allow removal of "skipcaptcha" right from bots
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Currently, it is impossible to remove the skipcaptcha permission from bots. Even after adding $wgGroupPermissions['bot']['skipcaptcha'] = false; to LocalSettings.php, bots still have the skipcaptcha permission.

Due to this behavior, it is impossible to disable the "bot" user group using unset( $wgGroupPermissions['bot'] );, as log as the ConfirmEdit extension is installed.

The only way to remove the "bot" user group from a wiki with ConfirmEdit installed is by editing the $IP\extensions\ConfirmEdit\extension.json file and removing code that affects bot rights. Editing this sensitive file is not a preferable way to remove the skipcaptcha permission from bots. Also, IINM, this file may be overwritten when upgrading.

Therefore, $wgGroupPermissions['bot']['skipcaptcha'] = false; should not be ignored when set on LocalSettings.php.

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