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Wikivoyage not blocked in Turkey, but actually fails because it relies on which is blocked
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I am writing from Istanbul. Turkey is blocking Wikipedia. Wikivoyage is not blocked. Except that if you just go to and type in a destination, e.g., Istanbul, you will be blocked because you are sent to the Wikipedia default language redirect If you go to, choose english and then search for a destination it works fine. But that might not be obvious to most users. Maybe Wikivoyage should just have English as the default language as e.g., Wikivoyage has. Or WV should have its own redirect page. Or the search-redirect should be on wikimedia. Elgaard (talk) 21:24, 2 April 2018 (UTC)

If I understand correctly, people would be able to use Wikivoyage if all requests were processed on the site, but for some reason a request is run by (which is prone to censorship), so people can not access Wikivoyage content either.

I am sure that hosting the redirect on the server has some technological implementation merits unknown to me, but how about changing that if it is not too costly? Allowing whole countries to access Wikivoyage/etc sounds like a huge merit to me. Thanks for considering! :-)

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Actually, based on it's the usage on that it comes from... Which then needs to pull in to the repos and pushed through for deploying..

Just the technical questions to do

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