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Export references cited in Wikimedia Research newsletter to Wikidata
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"The editors of the Wikimedia Research newsletter maintain a Zotero library of all references cited in individual issues. Importing this corpus will make this metadata more widely available to the community at large, help us explore Wikidata ↔ Meta data reuse strategies and help build a link corpus annotated with topics, venues etc." @HaeB, Fnielsen: cc'ing you for info.--DarTar, 15 November 2016 at

See also discussion in comments on

This has two components:

  1. the existing archive
  2. new items as each issue is publish

Alternatively make that Zotero library public, so that others may do so. (Possible hackathon task?)

Need to determine the best method to indicate which issue of the Wikimedia Research newsletter refers to or reviews each work.

(Subscribers per post quoted above)

Event Timeline

DarTar triaged this task as Medium priority.

Thanks for capturing this @Pigsonthewing. I unassigned the task, since I don't have bandwidth to drive this, but would definitely love if someone could pick it up. I believe @Tbayer is very interested too.