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Come up with a decent method of declaring helm chart path/version in service repo
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Deployment charts for all services are currently maintained in a central repo (operations/deployment-charts) external from each individual service repo, creating an external dependency problem with regard to testing deployments in CI. We should figure out a sane method for declaring which chart (path/version) should be used to deploy the service and maintain that declaration in the service repo.

Some possibilities:

  1. Since helm supports packaging, we could maintain a simple chart repo and update it upon each merge to operations/deployment-charts. Versioned chart URLs (e.g. could then be specified within some YAML file in the already established dist/pipeline directory—where each repo's blubber.yaml currently lives.
  2. Continue to use deploy repos that encapsulate both the service repo and the charts repo as submodules. This seems like a more heavy handed approach.
  3. Rethink the way we're managing charts, and instead of keeping them all central, allow for them to be defined directly within application repos. Define a central "cluster" chart that specifies all dependencies for the cluster. This eliminates the external dependency issue for testing individual repos, punting it downstream where a nice chart dependency mechanism is already provided by helm.

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Option 3 is what I was learning towards in my initial work.

I think we should seize this opportunity to incorporate the idea of getting rid of deploy repos altogether, so I'd be against option 2. Option 3 is a no-go in my mind as well since we want our software to be reused by other people as well, in which case I don't think having the chart there is conceptually good.

The current charts in the deployment-charts repo are exposed via an API, so are easy to get and that should be the case for CI as well. I guess my vote would go for option 1.

(1) works for me too, actually.

So if we're following option #1, we'll need to expose packaged charts somewhere central. Does seem like an appropriate location for these, at least for the purposes of pre-prod helm deployments?

In today's SSD (aka CD Pipeline, aka Release Pipeline) Meeting, we agreed to implement option #1 after charts were published to (done!).

Change 425914 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dduvall; owner: Dduvall):
[mediawiki/services/mathoid@master] Define Helm chart used in pipeline deployments

Change 425914 merged by Mobrovac:
[mediawiki/services/mathoid@master] Define Helm chart used in pipeline deployments

Change 429234 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mobrovac; owner: Mobrovac):
[mediawiki/services/mathoid@master] Helm Chart: Use v0.0.5 of the chart

Change 429234 merged by Mobrovac:
[mediawiki/services/mathoid@master] Helm Chart: Use v0.0.5 of the chart